Sloped Ceiling Bedroom

Sloped Ceiling Bedroom. Asian Bedroom Designs.

Sloped Ceiling Bedroom

sloped ceiling bedroom


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sloped ceiling bedroom – World Imports

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This is one of the few pictures I have of the second house I lived at in Olympia Washington (after moving there from my mother’s house in Allyn, WA around Spring of 1997).

By this time is was getting into the summer. I had moved out of my place in Cooper’s Glen (a place which I didn’t really take any photos of) and moved in with Giles O’Dell and Adrian Martinez of the band Old Djinn Swag.

All in all I didn’t live at this house very long… maybe a couple months. My memory is foggy on the details. At end of my stay here I was asked to move out but I never felt like I was given a very good reason why they wanted me out of there? Maybe it was my bird or the fucked up music I liked to listen to… perhaps it’s the picture of a picture of Jesus and a gunrack that I put on the door to my room… that combined with my love off all kinds of messed up creepy backwoods aesthetical things… I think I made Adrian’s girlfriend uneasy as well.

Honestly, I still feel a touch sore over it all, but whatever… that house & room was kinda’ dinky and small anyways. Although I did like the sloping wood ceilings!

Bedroom – In the works.

Bedroom - In the works.
Finally we’re working on our tiny little bedroom. We have very dramatic sloped ceilings, so a regular headboard was not feasible. Now this is still in the works (note the clothes pins holding up the fabric). And ignore the light…we plan on getting something a little more sparkly. Also am thinking of dropping the bed more and spraying those rods a lighter colour. Now have to tackle the drapes….

sloped ceiling bedroom

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